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  • TheNewVocal
    TheNewVocal پیش 5 ماه

    Greetings from The Garden City =) =) Wish you a awesome day!

  • Kai Lukas Becker
    Kai Lukas Becker پیش 3 سال

    If I look thus your videos, I think that you would also deliver a good actress.

  • IceBlue112
    IceBlue112 پیش 3 سال

    I'd like to hear Rock the Dragon from DragonBall Z :) Or even the Opening to the video game Wild Arms

  • UntrainableWizard
    UntrainableWizard پیش 3 سال

    I love your music. If I had one request for a song... Then it would probably have to be the 'Fairy Tail' theme song (watch?v=m6kb96YWXMA). Lindsey, you're an amazing violinist, and I love all of the music.

  • mutantspacehonky
    mutantspacehonky پیش 3 سال

    Obviously Easter would take precedent if you decide to do that, but with the upcoming Jurassic World I think you could work wonders with the Jurassic Park theme.

  • Nicholas Burkhouse
    Nicholas Burkhouse پیش 3 سال

    you should do a Easter special

  • Cesar Andres
    Cesar Andres پیش 3 سال

    Hi there, i was wondering if you could give me permission to use one of your songs for a stop motion video i have to do for college, its not anything that includes money or anything highly proffesional, however the job has to be careful with copyright matters, so if you could give me permission it would be amazing. Thank you very much. Cesar Chavarria

  • Kids Love My Candy
    Kids Love My Candy پیش 3 سال

    Best. Violin. Music. EVer. The entire reason I do Violin at school is because of you. I make all 4s (4s are good at my school. 4/4) in music with violins.

  • LockRock RCs
    LockRock RCs پیش 3 سال

    Check this guy out. I would like to see you, Devin, and him make a video of some sort.

  • Julian Santos
    Julian Santos پیش 3 سال

    Hey you if you do read this please respond. I know I'm not important to you and I'm definitely not your biggest fan. You are my favorite all time music anything. I live in michigan and I really want to go to one of your concerts in rochester or rothbury. Its been soo stressful science I'm a kid and I have to have someone take me . I play bass moving on to cello . I'm in the sixth grade. And like you I'm a geek about video editing . I really wish I could meet you and I probably won't be able to go to your concert unless there is a tour in 2016 . your music ,choriagarphy, and all of your songs blow me away I hope someday I could meet you or play like you .although I'll realistically never meet you . I am actually dying to meet you its the only thing in the world I can think about is to go to your concert . we'll if you read this please respond in some way . -fan

    • digiryde
      digiryde پیش 3 سال

      Find out how much it costs to help her have a concert where you are, then organize your friends and communities to bring her to you. You might be surprised at what you can accomplish. Passion and focus are powerful things. 8)

    • buttersmasher
      buttersmasher پیش 3 سال

      To her

    • speedy hedgehog
      speedy hedgehog پیش 3 سال

      Don't worry I have faith that you are important to you. You know what I am almost a hundred percent sure you are

    • Annika Balzer
      Annika Balzer پیش 3 سال

      +Julian Santos aha lol

    • Julian Santos
      Julian Santos پیش 3 سال

      +Annika Balzer I dont know

  • moonwatcher99
    moonwatcher99 پیش 3 سال

    Your game stuff is my absolute favorite. Any chance you would consider a Mass Effect video? There is some awesome music there to choose from!

  • Angelica Artiaga
    Angelica Artiaga پیش 3 سال

    marry me :D

  • Lucas Corbanezi
    Lucas Corbanezi پیش 3 سال

    Lindseeeey, Ori and the Blind Forest, pleaaaaaaaaaase, <3 <3

  • Marek K
    Marek K پیش 3 سال

    Best !!

  • Samuel plim
    Samuel plim پیش 3 سال

    Lindsey will make show here in Brazil I am anxious and waiting

  • Ahmed Zaher
    Ahmed Zaher پیش 3 سال

    Yo Lindsey Stirling :/ check this metal cover of your song crystallize its amazingفیلم-های.html&ab_channel=331Erock

  • Eric Son
    Eric Son پیش 3 سال

    You should definitely do final fantasy cover! it has very good songs in it.

  • Daniel Constantin
    Daniel Constantin پیش 3 سال

    If you ever , ever try your magic with Lilium <3 pls let me know

  • TheRisingOni
    TheRisingOni پیش 3 سال

    Best of both worlds combine. We have the very classical from the violin mixed in with the futuristic dubstep. My favorite I will try to buy all of her songs on Itunes. Especially Take Flight!

  • Gamers Station Windows Jordan

    thanks god for this amazing talent you are great your smile your comedy face while you playing your type of clothes one more thing , I wish you play "la vie en rose" for me

  • Andrew Brantley
    Andrew Brantley پیش 3 سال

    Hey Lindsey, Im a huge fan, and love your style and approach that you take to every project you complete. I noticed that you have several covers from video games, and I was wondering if you could possibly cover/ collaborate for; "Simple and Clean" from Kingdom Hearts (preference), or "Sanctuary" from Kingdom Hearts II? I truly believe that your approach to either of those songs would be wonderful, and I would love to hear it. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with the world.

  • Azer Azer
    Azer Azer پیش 3 سال

    any new videos !!

  • Tallyssa Henley
    Tallyssa Henley پیش 3 سال

    you are absolutely amazing! i love your videos and each one makes me wonder about things and how i view things. i want to learn to play the violin because of you, i have listen to shadows about a million times and i keep trying to get my friends to listen to your songs. pls keep playing! ^^

  • MisterGunblade
    MisterGunblade پیش 3 سال

    Gratulation zum ECHO! Du hast ihn verdient! congratulations for wining the echo! you realy earned it!

  • Andrew Hays
    Andrew Hays پیش 3 سال

    not that i think what i type here matter but i have to say it... Lindsey, you are all kinds a cute, gorgeous and talented.. and i don't like everything you release, but i love your PTX and Lizzy hale songs to death. i might not understand what your doing but your doing it right. great work girly. if you ever come to where i live in Australia i'll buy a ticket if i'm not working your concert. best of luck to you. not that this will be read by you.,

  • jesse w
    jesse w پیش 3 سال

    Hi Lindsey, I just found out that your tour is going to be at the Count Basie this June (really close to me). You're my top "get pumped" playlist so that was awesome to find out (Senbonzakura is my favorite go-to work out jam btw). You've got some amazing musical talent and awesome videos, thanks for 3 years of awesome music! Can't wait to see you in June!!

  • Bairac Mihai
    Bairac Mihai پیش 3 سال

    Lindsey, it would be amazing and very much appreciated if you would do a song or more with 2Cellos !!! Spread Lindsey's love! Thank you!

  • Suzanne Bridges
    Suzanne Bridges پیش 3 سال

    I am just a simple fan filled with hope and love. I guess I'm kinda begging you, but I made a fan music video of Elements so if u could check it out I would probably be the happiest fan ever. Thanks for at least reading this, a simple fan :3

  • WickidOne666
    WickidOne666 پیش 3 سال

    Lindsey Have you ever thought of doing a Colab with Lettice Rowbotham? I would love to see that.

  • Raquel Aguilar
    Raquel Aguilar پیش 3 سال

    Your music is amazing!!!! We love you here in Argentina!!! You inspired to the young people

  • Baltasar Gaming Show
    Baltasar Gaming Show پیش 3 سال

    hey I just met you and this is crazy, but listen "this is war" (arma 3) and play on it maybe? :P

  • Hellcats InSoCal
    Hellcats InSoCal پیش 3 سال

    Thank you for cheering me up when i feel like giving up ♥

  • Minecraft-nl-video
    Minecraft-nl-video پیش 3 سال

    i have a idea make a shodow video its a idea :)

  • David Glowasky
    David Glowasky پیش 3 سال

    Love the videos posted here. Lindsey you are an angel on the violin.

  • 스톰버드
    스톰버드 پیش 3 سال

    WOW!! Lindsey Stirling 님 께서 올리신 동영상은 전부 마음에 드네요! 늘응원하겠습니다. :)

  • Matthew Charman
    Matthew Charman پیش 3 سال

    The reason I love your music so much Lindsey is because you make it mean something to you but at the same time others can get they're own meaning. Recently I planed a talk on agency and I used the story that you used in you album Shatter me because it made such an impact on me. Lindsey I just want to say you are the second greatest role model that I have (the first being Christ) and I want you to keep doing what you do best. Thank you for allowing me be who I am.

  • Musiclover musa
    Musiclover musa پیش 3 سال

    For "Take Flight", This is amazing, lindsey, this needs to be a movie this is so cool and it would be an amazing fantastic movie, I think u can make it a movie if u want I know I would be the first person to watch the movie if u do. with this video and your mind I know you can make a movie out of this and make it the best movie of 2015!!!!!!!!!! I love you Lindsey Stirling keep making these videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you!!!!

  • Patrick Howard
    Patrick Howard پیش 3 سال

    You should do a cover of Ellie Goulding's Outside

  • Jack Tyson
    Jack Tyson پیش 3 سال

    was your song elements used in the intro of the rbs six nations. Thought it sounded like it in the England France match

  • Gregarious Gregus
    Gregarious Gregus پیش 3 سال

    Lindsey, all of your music is stunning! I have yet to come across anything you have done that I do not find incredible. You have managed to create a genre all for yourself. Each and every track brings forth true emotion, something not easily done now'a days.. Love it so much we're playing some at our wedding while we sign the register. Keep up the good work girl, we believe in you!

    YVWYRWIKUFEL پیش 3 سال

    Hi Lindsey :) Are You going to Europe in 2015? I really want to go to Your concert :)

  • I'M-Power
    I'M-Power پیش 3 سال

    come do a show at Montreal please I like your songs :D

  • Espiritualidad Y Filosofía

    I know you have millions of followers, but I have an absolutely great idea, you should do a duet with Vitas, your voice and your violin would be unique, I want 20% of the profits.

  • Flame LupusLuna
    Flame LupusLuna پیش 3 سال

    I bought one of your cd's it is awsome.

  • Diego
    Diego پیش 3 سال

    hola Lindsey, te escribo esto para que vayas aclimatándote.... nos vemos en La Trastienda. Un abrazo!

  • Martin Battaglia
    Martin Battaglia پیش 3 سال

    starling lindsay cuando vas a venir a Argentina????

  • Aarron Morton
    Aarron Morton پیش 3 سال


  • little big
    little big پیش 3 سال

    Can you do a Danse Macabre or Furlise video????

  • Nikub
    Nikub پیش 3 سال

    If you could +Lindsey Stirling would you be up to remake Dream Evil - The chosen ones. i think you could make a great version of this song. i personally love this song and would love to hear you play it 8) Who's with me? would anyone else love to hear her play this song? xD

  • Daniel Hettinger
    Daniel Hettinger پیش 3 سال

    Would you ever consider doing a few videos (or one really long video) for Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons"? I'd love to hear such a masterpiece done in your unique style. :)

  • AretteEchonyth
    AretteEchonyth پیش 3 سال

    Have you ever considered doing Scheherazade?

  • AriArt
    AriArt پیش 3 سال

    Hi Lindsey :D You're probably not going to answer this but I have a question. I heard that you have been playing the violin since you were 6 years-old. Do you believe it is ever too late to start learning how to play and become successful? Thanks Lindsey :D! HUGE fan by the way ;)

    • The Assassin Kitz
      The Assassin Kitz پیش 3 سال

      Well I'd personally say no. It just becomes easier to begin to learn when you are younger.

    • aWEAPONofFATE1
      aWEAPONofFATE1 پیش 3 سال

      I'm not on that lvl of playing violin but I play multiple instruments myself. I can say this much...The amount of dedication and passion u have 4 musicianship will play a LARGE role n the outcome.

    • FableSk8erFreak
      FableSk8erFreak پیش 3 سال

      i have the same question :P

  • Karrion
    Karrion پیش 3 سال

    I don't know if you have done any of the World of Warcraft Theme Songs yet but it would be really awesome to hear you are awesome at playing the violin

  • Kusanagi020
    Kusanagi020 پیش 3 سال

    Pls Lindsey cover Beethoven Virus <3

  • etty vro
    etty vro پیش 3 سال

    I love how you take violin playing to another level. You are a amazing violinist. You are really amazing. When I listen to your music it just makes me happy. Thank

  • Sugar Dove
    Sugar Dove پیش 3 سال

    “Everyone has inside them a piece of good news. The good news is you don’t know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is.” - Anne Frank

  • Natalia Meixsell
    Natalia Meixsell پیش 3 سال

    Can you please do a Fairy Tail cover? PLEASE???????? My sister might die if she doesn't hear it.... figuratively speaking.

  • mdog314
    mdog314 پیش 3 سال

    you should make a video with Jason Lyle Black

  • stephen krebs
    stephen krebs پیش 3 سال

    I'm just going to bring it up till it happens Lindsey please do a rendition of Lux Aeterna you'd kill it and i'd love it.

  • busbillium
    busbillium پیش 3 سال

    again, you've outdone yourself...somehow, i'm not surprised...bless your are the muse, thank you young lady, you make this old heart light up with a smile.

  • RakanWafa
    RakanWafa پیش 3 سال

    6 million subscribers or 2 subscriber, all that matters is that those subscribers are committed to being supportive towards the talented down to earth Lindsey Stirling in everything she does!

  • Cameron Leuthy
    Cameron Leuthy پیش 3 سال

    Saw your public television-London concert yesterday -- Congratulation!

  • James Fulkerson
    James Fulkerson پیش 3 سال

    Any thoughts on an Evolve video? I was thinking it would be pretty awesome.

  • Diego fonseca
    Diego fonseca پیش 3 سال

    942.799.846 visualizaciones WWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! amazing!!! Come to Costa Rica ;)

  • Thomas Carter
    Thomas Carter پیش 3 سال

    lady lin , I am a fan , but after seeing that you are selling your music ( most rocking ) at the retailer store know as Target . I can no longer sub you , or suport you do to the fact that " Target " turned down the " toy for Tots " mission and will not allow any of my brothers in arms to ask for donations for the disabled , If it is via the military . ..

  • Łιłιτн Μιηαεʀα

    >_ < Do you have a Tumblr?

  • Drop Dead Gamers
    Drop Dead Gamers پیش 3 سال

    Beautiful......the energy and music is good too :P

  • Crowe
    Crowe پیش 3 سال

    I reckon she should do a colab with boyinaband or veela

  • Heresiarch
    Heresiarch پیش 3 سال

    Professor Layton's Theme has to be done. It's just so perfect for Lindsey to play ^^

  • Alloy Jack
    Alloy Jack پیش 3 سال

    please make a "kill la kill" version of the song (don't loose your way.)

  • Jesse Mercury
    Jesse Mercury پیش 3 سال

    Umm hello... I have a question about violins? I haven't picked one up since I was 7 and I am 42 now... ummm okay first the violin I went out and bought today is a "4/4 William and Lewis Violin" with a model number of 16e4ch ... I cannot find references online to the 16e4ch but can the 4/4 size and the 12e4ch .... soooo ummm it looks like spruce front .. maple sides and back and I THINK the scrollwork and neck is spruce... ebony chucks on it... hhmmmm ahh does any know anything about this model of violin?

  • Antonio P
    Antonio P پیش 3 سال

    Lindsey, when will you come in Italy?

  • omegasight
    omegasight پیش 3 سال

    I don't know if you ever seen or heard of "Earth, Final Conflict", but got back into it recenty, and I just now realized that the music from it would sound Awesome if you did a cover of it. Just a thought.

  • Navin P
    Navin P پیش 3 سال

    Just discovered your work - two words - Bloody Brilliant ! ! I have not said this to any other artist - but truly would make my day to meet you sometime. Best wishes and Keep doing what you do - you are a solid inspiration.

  • חנניה לויאן
    חנניה לויאן پیش 3 سال

    i need more!!!! give me more!!!!! it's an Addiction

  • Boualem Bakel
    Boualem Bakel پیش 3 سال

    Lindsey, vous êtes vraiment unique et génial c'est étonnant de la voir jouer et danci ou meme temp bon contunoition cher lindsey

  • Nisarg Rathod
    Nisarg Rathod پیش 3 سال

    Congrats for winning 2015 YTMA. You're awesome.

  • Reymi Arroyo
    Reymi Arroyo پیش 3 سال

    Lindsey I love how you play the violin, congratulations I would like to suggest you to play the song fairy tail would be too great, greetings from Costa Rica

  • sara jaramillo rubio
    sara jaramillo rubio پیش 3 سال

    lindsey deberias tener un premio

  • irham garcia
    irham garcia پیش 3 سال


  • Cory S
    Cory S پیش 3 سال

    So I found you on Pandora and I was like ok this person is really good, I gave the thumbs up, it let me listen to a few more of your songs. Everything was going good. Then I was like ok lets find her on youtube see what else she has. and the music is great, but after every music video you put some heavy marketing at the end. I told my significant other I would actually like to buy your music but today I'm studying and i thought I wanted to listen to your music but i got sick to my stomach thinking of the marketing at the end of the video :(.

  • Farhan Shaikh
    Farhan Shaikh پیش 3 سال

    I am and amateur filmmaker and I am absolutely amazed by your music and love with the violin. And it forced me to ask you for a few permissions from you. It would be great if you'd allow me to use your music in my films. I hope you do.

  • Lena Boyer
    Lena Boyer پیش 3 سال

    I love how you can do this while jumping around its very creative and fun to watch thank you Lindsey!

  • Carlos Barrantes
    Carlos Barrantes پیش 3 سال

    Lindsey, eres realmente unica y genial!! Sería increible verla tocar con 2 cellos (el dúo croata)

  • William Brook
    William Brook پیش 3 سال

    I love you!

  • gilly gill
    gilly gill پیش 3 سال

    OK. lol So HOW many violins do you own???? because you have a different one in like every video, and they look SICK.

  • fanayumi1
    fanayumi1 پیش 3 سال

    nice videos ^_^

  • Elen
    Elen پیش 3 سال

    I love watching your videos, music is incredible. As an idea : Would be great also the song Gladiator (Now We Are Free)

  • seawulf24
    seawulf24 پیش 3 سال

    What's about a Bloody Tears (Castlevania) cover?

  • Andreas Paraskevas
    Andreas Paraskevas پیش 3 سال

    you are the most loveable lovely lady and the greatest musician in the world... Thank you for your musical artwork!

  • Philip McCrary
    Philip McCrary پیش 3 سال

    Loved seeing you tonight at the Blue Theater in Tokyo! Great show Lindsey!

  • CaelestisSapientiae
    CaelestisSapientiae پیش 3 سال

    You should play a song together with french horn.

  • Kerri
    Kerri پیش 3 سال

    Lindsey, let me just say this plain and clear. You are amazing! I envy you! You are my role model! I'm in Band, and I usually find a little time in practice to do a cover or so on my flute. Then, when I was listening to Pandora (as always, it has it's wacky ways of figuring out my favorite songs and whatnot) I ended up listening to your song 'Anti-Gravity'. Not only do I love the classical part fit for your violin, but when I heard the fast paced Dubstep, I couldn't tell you how amazed I was! Someday I hope to be like you and rock out on my flute. Keep at it, and keep us (your fans) happy! Sayonara until next time, -Spectra D. (Or just Kay =D)

  • ethan gray
    ethan gray پیش 3 سال


  • efstathios mesaretzidis
    efstathios mesaretzidis پیش 3 سال

    You know what's gonna break the Internet? Ed Sheeran & Lindsey performing together.

  • MC Bean14
    MC Bean14 پیش 3 سال

    just wanted to say how MUCH i love Lindsey Stirlings Video's. i never did like violine music because i just found it boring but since i've listened to her i like it. i love all her songs as it must be really hard to do most of the songs/main game theames and others

  • Galih Risjad
    Galih Risjad پیش 3 سال

    Lindsey please make "Beethoven Virus Cover" that will be amazing song for you :) Thanks Before :)

  • Mc Lovin
    Mc Lovin پیش 3 سال

    do a parkour video!

  • Arief Harlan
    Arief Harlan پیش 3 سال

    Please do a Star Trek cover either with the theme song or want of the popular melodies. Did Star Wars, only fair to do Star Trek. :)

  • Mizu Astrum
    Mizu Astrum پیش 3 سال

    Can you get in contact with VIZ Media about voicing Michiru in the Sailor Moon/Sailor Moon Crystal Dubs?

  • Onur Hotun
    Onur Hotun پیش 3 سال

    hi all Lindsey pls make "Mount&Blade:Warband Soundtrack Cover" Your all songs RULESsSSSSssss :) _IııI

  • wubble10k
    wubble10k پیش 3 سال

    there is an amazing violinist called Bryson Andreas the both of you would make an amazing song if you two did a colaboration video (ur awesome!!!!!)

  • Michael McFarland
    Michael McFarland پیش 3 سال

    Fantastic! Ever since ever, which means many years ago, I've been awestruck and bowled over by electric violin. So, today I stumble upon the Cecelio electrics and decide to buy one. Well, that's a good thing, but (!!!), then I stumble-tumble and fall right into your incredible talent and music. It is more than musical magic, Lindsey. While I enjoy most all music, it's the off-the-beaten-path variety that makes for embarrassing goosebumps ... Andreas Vollenweider, Il Divo, Bach, Keb Mo, Basia, The Inkspots, and... Joe Satriani (oops!). Just to name a few. But, I must say, you certainly are ... certainly have to be (!!!) right up at the top among the best of the best. THANKS!!!

  • M.K .R.M
    M.K .R.M پیش 3 سال

    for me, lindsey is the best violinist in the World and point and because she inspires me and all the people who taught her videos and likend and have. i´m from mexico and donot good english there google translator

  • The Obsiper
    The Obsiper پیش 3 سال

    Can you do The journey of Chihiro pls ? :)

  • DonTeo92
    DonTeo92 پیش 3 سال

    Hey Lindsey, you're kinda awesome you know that. Just wanted to tell you that, think you deserve to hear it though you probably ain't gonna read this. I'm bit of a writer myself, and right now I'm flowing with creativity, and I think I'm about to write something real good right now, partly thanks to your music. I'll let you know how it goes if I ever hear from you. Just to mention it my favorite of your songs is Moon Trance, takes me back to the year I spent in the army, when I first started listening to your music on a regular basis. Of the new album Sun Skip and Night Vision are my favorites, and I wish you had played Sun Skip at your concert last year, hopefully I'll get to hear you play it live someday. I'm from Oslo btw, and I've been at two of your shows here, the one at Rockefeller and the one at Sentrum Scene. The one at Parkteateret I missed cause it was right after I finished my military service, and I didn't hear bout it until after it was sold out. Anyways, love your music :) And to all of you Stirlingites who might read this, you are all beautiful people. No seriously, take a second to think about what a beautiful person you are, all of you, you deserve that.

    JOSE LUIS MAZA پیش 3 سال

    lindsey come to cumana (venezuela)

  • владимир алфёров

    А что тут обсуждать. Все бабы, как бабы. а Линдсей - БОГИНЯ...

  • emma briesmister
    emma briesmister پیش 3 سال

    She should do a violin cover of Mockingbird by Eminem. With eminem. :D

  • deerCPT
    deerCPT پیش 3 سال

    Dear Lindsey, please make a cover from The Witcher soundtrack: Brzeg. This is my favourite game, and ost :)

  • Aracnofobico
    Aracnofobico پیش 3 سال

    sei veramente fantastica complimenti

  • ZivaGibbsMossad646
    ZivaGibbsMossad646 پیش 3 سال

    Okay this is going to sound strange. Very strange. I can never seem to stop watching your videos, even on LindseyTime, and I've been having this idea in my head for a while. You do covers of a lot of songs, specifically popular ones. I was wondering if you had ever had the urge or notion to do a cover of a Fleetwood Mac song? For some reason I keep feeling like seeing you do Rhiannon or The Seven Wonders would be the best thing I've ever seen in my life! You are so amazingly talented and blessed with a wondrous sense of creativity and passion. Never lose sight of that, Lindsey. Keep being the person that you are, the person that you want to be, and continue to light up someone's life through your music and videos...even if it's just cheering someone up by seeing you make fun of Korean Air food. My favorite song from you? Beyond the Veil, without a doubt. I can't listen to it without having to close my eyes and just listen. I have not heard a single song from you that I dislike but I am sure you hear that often enough. Stay blessed, Lindsey Stirling and may the wings of angels forever protect your steps.

  • SoyTuAno
    SoyTuAno پیش 3 سال

    I love your music. it speaks to my soul.

  • Sebastien Beauvais
    Sebastien Beauvais پیش 3 سال

    try to make this : final fantasy

  • Daniel christopherson
    Daniel christopherson پیش 3 سال

    can you do pirates of the careabian meledy on violin :)

  • Joshua Lee
    Joshua Lee پیش 3 سال

    So, I've been browsing the net listening dubsteps, techno musics, Can you get Veela or Imogen Heap to sing next to you? i'd be amazed badly, but in a good way if you do it.

  • Madeline Strauss
    Madeline Strauss پیش 3 سال

    Lindsey you are da best. And I was giving you a song request, if you want to do it. The song name is A Mortal Heart. Its from Diablo 3 reaper of souls. One of my fav games. Ty if you do.

  • KonfluxGames
    KonfluxGames پیش 3 سال

    Yo Lindsey, thanks for coming to PERTH! Was so hype, first time seeing you in real life. I was the random who asked how much cereal you ate :P The show was pretty rocking by the way. DJ before was boring (and played a few naughty songs) but you nailed it! :D Come baaaaacckkk (also God bless)

  • hikaru rogers
    hikaru rogers پیش 3 سال

    Lindsy stirling you shold do an song cover for dishonored

  • Erica F.
    Erica F. پیش 3 سال

    Hey so I just wanted to say that you are absolutely AMAZING as in really, really CREATIVE! I love the costumes and the special effects but more importantly the music that I know I wouldn't be able to imagine and create. Because of you I want to hunt down my old violin in the crazy mess of my parent's house (its buried in one of the storage units somewhere) and be able to make my own cover videos (and even some music)! You're my violin idol! :D

  • Mel Stirling
    Mel Stirling پیش 3 سال

    My favourite channel, I will do a IRclip tour when I have free time and watch, comment and like all of Lindsey's Videos I haven't commented on or liked so far. This is going to be awesome!!! :D

    • Mel Stirling
      Mel Stirling پیش 3 سال

      +Nisarg Rathod yeah but I just wanted to support Lindsey's channel so I only watched every video on her Lindsey Stirling channel :)

    • Nisarg Rathod
      Nisarg Rathod پیش 3 سال

      +Mel Stirling don't forget there are many unofficial videos too :)

    • Mel Stirling
      Mel Stirling پیش 3 سال

      +FrostyBlue23 thanks :)

    • Mel Stirling
      Mel Stirling پیش 3 سال

      +Iloriana Daughter of Dragons YAY welcome to the club xD

    • Mahërys Targaryen
      Mahërys Targaryen پیش 3 سال

      XD +Mel Stirling​ I m going too!

  • Failed Math Tests
    Failed Math Tests پیش 3 سال

    I would really love to see a music video of Sunskip. it's my definite favorite from the album. It's just so upbeat and fun.

  • Bandie's HHA
    Bandie's HHA پیش 3 سال

    hi Lindsey! good job on your songs, they are amazing! p.s. I also named my new hamster Lindsey.

  • Alexis Vk
    Alexis Vk پیش 3 سال

    Please come to GREECE

  • defreitas fernandes
    defreitas fernandes پیش 3 سال

    just saying.....A big fan of ur music!!! :)

  • LockRock RCs
    LockRock RCs پیش 3 سال

    Your a Renny arent you? Im am and a blacksmith, and a nerd.

  • 鄧百百
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  • YavinPrime
    YavinPrime پیش 3 سال

    Ok quick question: Is it better for you as an artist for me (your fan :D) to buy your album or to listen to it over and over again all day at work via Spotify?

  • Hans Landa
    Hans Landa پیش 3 سال

    I think there should be a Elder Scrolls online cover

  • Katie Van buren
    Katie Van buren پیش 3 سال

    I was just wondering.. the newspaper in "Roundtable Rival" can it go in your merchandise store??? I really want it. :)

  • Chris Lewis
    Chris Lewis پیش 3 سال

    OK guys i need sum help real Quick......Maybe some of yall know tha lindsey is comin to dubai on 26feb ...i was going to book tickets but they are sold out ..... ); So if anyone of yall hav the tickets than please respond to this comment ASAP....plz guyz!!!!

  • Ayumu Dreary
    Ayumu Dreary پیش 3 سال

    Lindsey has vídeos como los primeros que subías u////u

  • Lukasz Potoczny
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  • premadonna08
    premadonna08 پیش 3 سال

    Lindsey, any chance you could do your version of the hymn Hallelujah? It's going to be the song that I walk down the aisle to, and if I had a version you did...that would make it so much more meaningful. Wedding isn't till August, but I always say it never hurts to ask. You are amazing and your music moves people and lets us experience emotions in totally different ways. I'm a musician too, but only sad bad geek in high school. But you keep my love of music going. Thank you for that and helping me keep hope alive through tough times.

  • Ryan Whittaker
    Ryan Whittaker پیش 3 سال

    LINDSEY!!! so i saw you in Brisbane Friday night and wow you are amazing thank you for an amazing night it was my first ever concert and you did me proud :D so if you think about it you took my concert virginty ..... haha but again thank you.. you are going to go far in your career and ill back you all the way :D

  • Виктор 007
    Виктор 007 پیش 3 سال

    You are for me ... Offend easily. Just very difficult, And when something, and someone Nearly impossible. And at the time to decide And yet complete, And do not think, And in the time to forget. - You are to me nothing! - Then why are you crying? - I'm for you means nothing! - But why do I pay? Leave easily. It is very difficult to forget, And when something, and someone Nearly impossible. And at the time to decide Live their lives, And do not think, And in the time to forgive. - You are to me nothing! - Then why are you crying? - I'm for you means nothing! - But why do I pay? Kukryniksy - you are to me - Lyrics, listen to online

  • Maja Zmaja
    Maja Zmaja پیش 3 سال

    You are the best.I love your music. Greetings from Serbia

  • Jbernard Bardou
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  • mariajulia caetano
    mariajulia caetano پیش 3 سال

    Yo soy Brasileña Eu Sou Brasileira e o Brasil te ama

  • mariajulia caetano
    mariajulia caetano پیش 3 سال

    Me encanta Pentatonix y su campaña pone mejor de todo pero Lindsey Stirling te amo !!!

  • Bradley Bell
    Bradley Bell پیش 3 سال

    I just thought of something really awesome ^.^ you and 331Erock should collab and do a cover of "under heavens destruction" that would be amazing :D but the chances of you reading this and actually doing it are slim DX

  • Spirit The Hedgehog
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  • seb1977seul
    seb1977seul پیش 3 سال

    j adore je suis vraiment fan

  • Drehmoment Schwaben
    Drehmoment Schwaben پیش 3 سال

    how many violins you have. in your videos you can see so many different violins

  • Drehmoment Schwaben
    Drehmoment Schwaben پیش 3 سال

    how many violins you have. in your videos you can see so many different violins

  • Patricia Thompson
    Patricia Thompson پیش 3 سال

    Could you please do some Final Fantasy music?

  • Zyprus2012
    Zyprus2012 پیش 3 سال

    Just giving your typical fan based compliment at this time Lindsey but.. wow.. your songs move me and are so amazing.. especially when you team up with dubstep and did crystallized. Please keep doing what you do girl and i love ya as a friend who will support you till the end.

  • Dancehall Reggae TV
    Dancehall Reggae TV پیش 3 سال

    Its something else but totally love the songs! Thanks for sharing!

  • Rakok1985
    Rakok1985 پیش 3 سال

    Dear Lindsey, I love and enjoy your music (both music cd's are in my collection ^^). And also your very creativ videoclips (best until now Transcendence). So I hope you'll "hear" my videowish. I like to see a visuel interpretation of the best track from your second LP "Take Flight". Every time I listen to this track thousand of images and daydreams fly through my thoughts. Thank you and I hope my "german-english" is not to bad. Have a nice day, or evening. :)

  • Daniel de Jong
    Daniel de Jong پیش 3 سال

    Was so excited when I received your email this morning about you doing a tour to perth, to find out it's sold out :(

  • Kylz V
    Kylz V پیش 3 سال

    IN love your music. You have inspierd me to play the violin

  • Green Rice Cake
    Green Rice Cake پیش 3 سال

    I love your music !!! <3<3<3

  • Ben Isaacson
    Ben Isaacson پیش 3 سال

    My vote go's to the theme song to Black Sails. It's played with a "Hurdy Gurdy" but the sound is similar to a violin. Just a thought.

  • lalamelol
    lalamelol پیش 3 سال

    Are you going to make an MV for "Take Flight"? I absolutely love that song.

  • Aksar Ahmed
    Aksar Ahmed پیش 3 سال

    Hii!! I've a request can you please play for me God Father Theme...?? please

  • Escaped From Wonderland
    Escaped From Wonderland پیش 3 سال

    One of my favorite artists... I love how you transform something that's already great into something beyond beautiful... I hope you try an iggy azalea song someday after hearing your version of starships - I can only imagine what you could create with one of her songs.

  • sesilva18
    sesilva18 پیش 3 سال

    Could you make your own version of ''Liberi fatali'' from Final Fantasy VIII?

  • Dirk Hoekstra
    Dirk Hoekstra پیش 3 سال

    Have you every thought about trying a famous classical violin concerto with a full symphony orchestra? I know it might not be your style, but I'd like to see if you can pull of Mendelsohn's or Brahm's Violin Concerto.

  • Squirrel Economics
    Squirrel Economics پیش 3 سال

    hey Lindsey I was wondering if you could play ac/dc's thunderstruck on your beautiful violin. If you did I would really appreciate it if you did. I hope you do. thanks!

  • MrARKY89
    MrARKY89 پیش 3 سال

    Ditto...What he said.

  • Aaron Yandell
    Aaron Yandell پیش 3 سال

    Though I have been watching IRclip for a while now, I hadn't had a chance to create an account until now. I hadn't had a chance to say that I was surprised when I first began exploring this site. It has it's own community, culture, etc. Lot of interesting people with different kinds of channels. You-Lindsey Stirling- are one of those people who caught my interest. I never thought someone can bust moves and play a violin at once( and be awesome at it). I have gone through times of unemployment and have found jobs what got me by, but never forgot my aspirations as a fiction writer. Your music helped me get through some hardy times, though there is one song(and its video) that spoke stronger to me than any of your other tunes: "Shatter Me" with Lizzy? Hale from Halestorm. This video (among your others) have helped me remember to me myself in a world that demands so much. You and your crew are a talented group of people. keep up the great work! : )

  • Joshy07980
    Joshy07980 پیش 3 سال

    When does your tour reach the UK? Would love to buy tickets for my girlfriend and I to come see your concert!

  • катерица
    катерица پیش 3 سال

    I <3 U

  • Kylothian
    Kylothian پیش 3 سال

    You are absolutely amazing. Love listening to your music. Really awesome, brought tears to my eyes love it. keep up the great work will support you all the way from South Africa

  • Silver Pindragon
    Silver Pindragon پیش 3 سال

    I just watched some of your interviews from your world tour, and I think its awesome that you've managed to stay away from the temptations that some give into when they become stars. this shows that it's possible to be yourself and still be cool, instead of being what others want you to be. your also wright in saying that some traits are rare. thank you for being true to yourself and what you believe in. your an inspiration and role model, to use who dare to dream.

  • Draconi Kratosus
    Draconi Kratosus پیش 3 سال

    I have a suggestion for game tracks. Prof. Layton.

  • Bree Dragoon
    Bree Dragoon پیش 3 سال

    Do you think that you could do a cover of Centuries by Fallout Boy?

  • young ricky
    young ricky پیش 3 سال

    hey Lindsey im a big fan of your work. you are one of many people in my music life that inspire me to be a producer, but you mainly to continue to practice playing my piano more. also one more thing I had a request since you play game themes, would it be possible to do a tribute for Samus from the Metroid series

  • Jade Bathory
    Jade Bathory پیش 3 سال

    I'd love to see you do a "Queen of the Damned" violin scene, I think you could totally pull it off and "challenge" Lestat instead of running away/dying.

  • André Gudiño García
    André Gudiño García پیش 3 سال

    Oh... have you ever thought about Narnia or Harry Potter music... or even better Marvel Superheroes Movies music... that would be... super great

  • André Gudiño García
    André Gudiño García پیش 3 سال

    Lindsey! I love your music alone and with +Peter Hollens, your dancing, your energy, your positivism... everything you do is awesome. I'd like to know more great violinists like you... wait, you are the greatest. Keep going like that, I love your dedication ;)

  • Sameer Chauhan
    Sameer Chauhan پیش 3 سال

    hi lindsey, hey can u make a video based on sherlock's theme...? lets all hear a lindsey's version of sherlock!!

  • MusicChica Mia
    MusicChica Mia پیش 3 سال

    Hi Lindsey, i'm a huge fan of yours and i love your personality, i've watched a lot of interviews with you and i've seen a lot of pictures of you with your amazing smile and bright expressions. In my art class we're doing a "Distortion" project with graphite (pencil for those who didn't know) and my art teacher is trying to convince me to do Leonardo DiCaprio but i really want to do it with you and your big pretty smile. I might put it on Deviantart and if you'd like i could send it to you. You are a great inspiration to me and i'm looking forward to drawing you ^-^

  • Silver Pindragon
    Silver Pindragon پیش 3 سال

    I love your music. ive always liked the violin, but i like up beat music so when i watched your videos i thought they were awsome. and i think its awsome that you can dance and play at the same time.

  • C. Gold.
    C. Gold. پیش 3 سال

    I think it would be cool if you did a cover of The Devil Went Down To Georgia. I'm sure that you'd be more than amazing

  • Frank Benner
    Frank Benner پیش 3 سال

    I'm a little late since the movie is out for some time... But... could you do "let it go" from Frozen? An amazing song and it sure will sound good on the violin...?

  • ThoughtSauce
    ThoughtSauce پیش 3 سال

    Lindsey Stirling + Ellie Goulding = Magic. Make it happen please! :D

  • sofa.pizza411
    sofa.pizza411 پیش 3 سال

    I'm an aspiring musician and would like some advice for starting a band. I don't know if you will see this, but hopefully you can help me.

  • Accidental Lyrics
    Accidental Lyrics پیش 3 سال

    Lindsey, I know you like cereal. I just found Uncle Sam Original cereal that is unsweetened. You might like it.

  • Emmanuel Beltran Stirlingite

    Today is my birthday +Lindsey Stirling :D :3

  • beltranitachi1
    beltranitachi1 پیش 3 سال

    Today is my birthday Lindsey +Lindsey Stirling :3 :3 :3 ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Wolf Horn
    Wolf Horn پیش 3 سال

    Have you ever heard of the anime called "Fairy Tail"? I'm asking because they have a lot of music in it that can be turn into violin. And I am sure you could play these songs with a certain gumption that no one else can.

  • pablo leonelli
    pablo leonelli پیش 3 سال

    I'm from Spain and I write in Spanish why this message is in Spanish: lindsey stirling es para mi la mejor violinista,y tiene un talento sobrenatural, ademas tengo todas sus " canciones" en el móvil. PD: haber si vienes alguna vez a España que tiene mucho arte de todo: gastronomía, arquitectura, mar mediterráneo y música entre muchas otras cosas. And that is my message to lindsey stirling in Spanish:-)

  • Renato Gardiman
    Renato Gardiman پیش 3 سال

    How about a music from Les Miserables (musical)? wouldn't be nice a violin cover of some music from them? Here some info:

  • Carlos Amore
    Carlos Amore پیش 3 سال

    sencillamente, magicamente y maravillosamente eres espectacular lindsey, me encantan cada uno de los videos tuyos que he podido ver, son unicos, adoro lo que haces, eres el ejemplo personificado de la frase "querer es poder" espero puedas responderme...

  • Faith Walker
    Faith Walker پیش 3 سال

    Lindsey I know your LDS, and I love your Albums. But could you consider doing a spiritual album. you could play your versions of your favorite hymns or write something of your own. I know me and other members would love to buy it.

  • Laster Days
    Laster Days پیش 3 سال

    You are amazing! playing and dancing like that..just wow.

  • Quick Silver
    Quick Silver پیش 3 سال

    hey my first name is always people last names

  • DJ
    DJ پیش 3 سال

    Do leaving earth of th game Mass Effect 3

  • Brian Tran
    Brian Tran پیش 3 سال

    like if you came from fhett ajnd link

  • Francesco Messina
    Francesco Messina پیش 3 سال

    lin 6 brava

  • Faudö
    Faudö پیش 3 سال

    Maybe you could make a video with the game music " Portal" . Is called " Still Alive " . I think that would be very good! Sorry I'm English, but it is because I am Brazilian, and I am using the google translator

  • Daemon Hunter
    Daemon Hunter پیش 3 سال

    Also since u like to do 'spells' n 'fight' with your music, I am wondering if she ever has considered reading the book saga of the "Spellsinger" by Alan Dean Foster??

  • Karan Jain
    Karan Jain پیش 3 سال

    You should do a collab with 2Cellos

  • Ryan Niblett
    Ryan Niblett پیش 3 سال Is the background track from +Lindsey Stirling ?

  • Drafus
    Drafus پیش 3 سال

    I would like to see Lindsey Stirling do a collaboration with Blueman Group

  • Usmodlover
    Usmodlover پیش 3 سال

    In case anyone might not like such, it should be noted she's Mormon.

    • robert linke
      robert linke پیش 3 سال

      nonsensical from the source off, since music is just music, in her case beautiful music!, but nontheless music. not religion. she has one, and comes open for that. and if you don't like that, then there is still no reason for not liking her music!

    • U Must Agree to Google+ Terms Tho U Don't Want It
      U Must Agree to Google+ Terms Tho U Don't Want It پیش 3 سال

      +Usmodlover A - Born & raised, 30 years of my life I lived there. B - "Sorta?" What does that mean, in the context of your the point you were making? C - Your conversion attempt story doesn't prove anything. The issue was Mormonism vs Satanism & even if it were Buddhism vs Satanism, trying to convert her from Buddhism doesn't equate with thinking Buddhists are worse than Satanists.

    • Usmodlover
      Usmodlover پیش 3 سال

      +U Must Agree to Google+ Terms Tho U Don't Want It Apparently you're not from around here, even when my mother was dying of cancer my grandparents, who are sorta traditional West Michiganders, were trying to convert her from Buddhism to Christianity, when she was so weak that she couldn't stand by herself and was sleeping 23 hours a day.

    • U Must Agree to Google+ Terms Tho U Don't Want It
      U Must Agree to Google+ Terms Tho U Don't Want It پیش 3 سال

      +Usmodlover Don't befoul West Michigan with such talk. *Christians* as a whole believe Mormons are wrong in their beliefs, but few would claim they're worse than Satanists, esp. West Michiganders.

  • Patricia Aiello
    Patricia Aiello پیش 3 سال

    I think i would kill to hear her do " the devil went down to georgia!"

  • Lmx Izaki
    Lmx Izaki پیش 3 سال

    You are incredibly sublime, when you play the violin, we see that you put there heart and love towards your music, happy to play. And I find it really amazing ! If you need new music, I can suggest to you that you could take the violin and make your own song. I admire you ! *-*

  • MrSweetbuttons
    MrSweetbuttons پیش 3 سال

    Lindsey, when are you coming to Alaska (Anchorage specifically). I know we are not many, we are few, and we are far, but do we not deserve to be entertained. Speak not, better than the Lindsey Stirling to entertain us, because they are none. Unless you speak of the you tubes where we may watch the Lindsey, and dismay that we can not see the Lindsey in real life. --please come :)