My Babysitter Lie


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  • Dominic Sumera
    Dominic Sumera پیش 15 روز +4675

    This series is going out so well it's so interesting to watch what's the best series of your channel EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Corn
      Corn پیش روز

      Dominic Sumera no

    • Dominic Sumera
      Dominic Sumera پیش روز

      +Sierra Levitt i also love is Channel

    • Sierra Levitt
      Sierra Levitt پیش روز

      Dominic Sumera me to I can not stop watching it

    • da bird
      da bird پیش 2 روز

      I bet it was for revenge

    • Dillon Reilly
      Dillon Reilly پیش 2 روز

      it has been so long since I have seen this series but was the bullys name bobby? because i now it was him

  • christien plaz
    christien plaz پیش روز

    I think it was your best friend

  • Howard Hoover
    Howard Hoover پیش روز

    Do not tell me she is with the jerk kid derrell u think his name was

  • Michael McCoy
    Michael McCoy پیش روز

    It was Daryl!!!!!!

  • Michael McCoy
    Michael McCoy پیش روز

    I just wanted to say I love how many ways he tells you too subscribe and like

  • Jose Sillas
    Jose Sillas پیش روز

    I think she was with daryl

  • Michael McCoy
    Michael McCoy پیش روز

    Something on the shelf said 721 blah blah blah. And that's how many parts there will be.

  • Tony Jagan
    Tony Jagan پیش روز

    Rip car

  • Lulu_ Pie
    Lulu_ Pie پیش روز

    I think she was with Bobby

  • ying-yang potatos
    ying-yang potatos پیش روز

    I think it was his bully

  • Bears Hawks Fan
    Bears Hawks Fan پیش روز

    Wow the like button turned it off but when I tapped it twice the video turned off

  • Gaming fox 1458070
    Gaming fox 1458070 پیش روز

    The cool kid

  • Alexis De la paz
    Alexis De la paz پیش روز

    She finds out that the note is yours so she is taking to the person

  • Shannon Campbell
    Shannon Campbell پیش روز

    The bully sent the letter I think

  • Monica Miranda
    Monica Miranda پیش روز


  • Dusan xd
    Dusan xd پیش روز

    that nipple

  • noir amour {^_^}
    noir amour {^_^} پیش روز


  • 3ND4
    3ND4 پیش روز

    New sub. Pretty neat story. Greetings from Bogotá, Colombia. Keep them coming!

  • bessy pap
    bessy pap پیش روز

    She was with the bully

  • Darrion Mickles
    Darrion Mickles پیش روز

    It was either a friend or her dad

  • MyNameIs Jeff
    MyNameIs Jeff پیش روز

    Who else realised at 7:04 he’s going to wakanda lol

  • Lego Tube 224
    Lego Tube 224 پیش روز

    If the girl is Pam that will be a big twist

  • baddrdavid 123
    baddrdavid 123 پیش روز

    Umm a boy i guess a boy that like her and i have a ? I have a gf and i don't know if i am a good bf

  • baddrdavid 123
    baddrdavid 123 پیش روز

    I know u might not read it but I would love to meet u but u live in a america i think and i live in England but love your vids ( not in a creepy way)🙃

  • Jayro Martinez
    Jayro Martinez پیش روز

    She was with Bobby

  • goofybro JR
    goofybro JR پیش روز


  • Dustin Kenyon
    Dustin Kenyon پیش روز

    The series is awesome

  • Eddie Bravo
    Eddie Bravo پیش روز

    U might have to break up with her

  • Eddie Bravo
    Eddie Bravo پیش روز

    She was probably with dillen or in i dont know any more😭😭😭😢😭

  • Lil Rosi-E
    Lil Rosi-E پیش روز

    in think with uh Bobby

  • OakleyGacha YT
    OakleyGacha YT پیش روز

    She is cheating on you

  • goofybro JR
    goofybro JR پیش روز

    You KISS HER

  • Mikael Salakari
    Mikael Salakari پیش روز

    Oh yeah yeah

  • fled dylan 8640
    fled dylan 8640 پیش روز

    I think it was BOBBY the guy who bouth 200 flowers for you for your girlfriend

  • Mister Crafter
    Mister Crafter پیش روز

    I think it'll be your step brother

  • El_ Vato210
    El_ Vato210 پیش روز

    Wit Darryl

    MLG VENOM پیش روز

    Is there more?

  • StickMan Raps
    StickMan Raps پیش روز

    U got into the school because thats how u make theses animated videos. The babysitter cheated or dumped you because of the lie.

  • Jarcos y Los Argonautas
    Jarcos y Los Argonautas پیش روز

    I'll report your channel :)

    'Cuz those silly adds

  • Lennon Gill
    Lennon Gill پیش روز

    I think the babysitter is with Darryl

  • Minde eee
    Minde eee پیش روز

    She was with me ;)

  • Aaron Velez
    Aaron Velez پیش روز

    Alex can u comment on my comment hi

  • Maxwell Voss
    Maxwell Voss پیش روز

    What was in the letter again?

  • Xit
    Xit پیش روز

    Who do you main in smash?

  • Joel Tejada
    Joel Tejada پیش روز

    The baby sister is with Darin

  • Madden Ross
    Madden Ross پیش روز

    I think shes cheatin. oWo

  • Reuben Cole
    Reuben Cole پیش روز

    Reckon it’s that bully guy

  • Dusk Knight
    Dusk Knight پیش روز


  • King San San
    King San San پیش روز

    Judging by the fact that he's actually asking us who we think it is, and by the amount of attention he's putting towards the other boy, I deduce that this is a relative of the babysitter.

  • Fnaf gaming900
    Fnaf gaming900 پیش روز

    Your freind