Film Theory: Can You Speak Groot? (Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy)


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    Translation: Hit that notification bell!!

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    Ever heard of SIGN LANGUAGE!

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    That comic probably isn’t canon anymore so I’ll stick with this being possible.

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    I am Groot

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    Matpat: Says I’m not ruining your childhood classics
    Me: Falls over and is taken to the hospital from lack of understanding

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    I am Pastel

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    Are we gonna talk about how at 3:23 Russia's flag isn't right?

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    am I groot?

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    1:21 why gardians of the galaxy may be the best

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    Did u see that scary movie it was called “timber” they cut/killed trees!!!!

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    I love this vid and hope to see another one soon. Bye!

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    4:07 That’s the Mario theme almost (last note should be a G)

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    So thats how pokemon talk

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    do you use adobe premere pro

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    1:21 I see guardians of the galaxy

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    Liking this video just for the Cheetos

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    In Mandrin: Mother = marijuana (if mispronounced). Come on.

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    Translation: And your watching Disney Channel

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    yes, ma. i've just found out that means several things, like in welsh, _pen_ can mean _pen_ or _head_

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    yes, you are adorable now _and_ forever

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    Ok i just opened 13 windows with this channel's videos TIME TO HAVE A FUN DAY!

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    U pronounced timbre wrong
    It's pronounced tom-bre

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    3:36 Haha ha.

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    I wanna see a Groot jump scare game

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    What is Groot's true name if their are supposedly more groots

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    1:21 when you're talking about noy having done a guardians of the galaxy episode with an episode titled why those movies are the best in the background.

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    What does (groot) mean cuz at the end of gardians of the galaxy he says (were all groot)

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    My group of friends had a little joke running where we always call each other dave, and, after spending the week at camp together, we got to the point where when one of us said dave, we would all know who they where talking too, it was really cool. and it proves that it is possible.

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    In infinity groot says something and the rest are like language groot he says no you motherfucker

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    But if thor would own this video the video name would be HOW TO SPEAK TREE 😂

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    Am I the only one that noticed he used Spider-Man instead of spider boy for the ‘mcu pie’

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    I saw a thumbnail with groot in it. Maybe you did make a Guardians vid.

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    And darth Vader.

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    (Translation: I love you Mat Pat and your channel)

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    1:31 xD just love that statement lol

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    you forgot the fourth one being a sentient tree

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    1:21 , why guardians of the galaxy is the best...

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    Cantonese has 9 tones(I am hongkonger)

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    I find it funny that i was able to use prosody to write a English paper

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    It says # *Guradians*ofthegalaxy

  • Mr. Cookie
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    It says # *Guradians*ofthegalaxy

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    Kenny talks all the time you just can’t really understand that well

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    Love you matpat, great theory, but you compared the number of words in the English language to the number of phrases in groots language, if each time he said, I am groot, was one word, the movie would be much much longer because of it

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    U know when kids fight while doning teamwork,while not talking or baby sounds,how do they snderstand eachother
    Kids:hm,hm,hm,it gets wearder
    Baby:grr guuhh plplpl gaga,this babys probaly just like lady gaga
    I dont anderstand them,do u guys/girls have an idee?
    u dont have to riplie of cours

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    you're saying that 'i am groot' can be spoken in 100,000 ways... ok.... equivalent to the oxford dictionary.., but groot says 'i am groot'.. equivalent to a sentence...

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    Ice bear feels forgotten.
    Ice bear will now return to fridge and cry.

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    Do a theory about the skyrim dovah language! It seems like no man in skyrim has ever spoken in dovah but maybe Ulfric knows or the Greybeards.

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    You forgot: I never said she _stole_ my money. Indicating you gave it to her, with why being left to the hearer's imagination lol

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    Your my favorite youtuber

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    This series seems real, i mean it *is* a language

    RANDOM FANGIRL پیش 2 روز

    For the tone and stress it’s similar to Greek where you have to put emphasis on a certain letter for it to be a proper word (especially if the word can has different meaning)

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    0:12 (or something)
    Oof *when you watch too much south park that you know what Carman says every time Kenny dies.*

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    There's another whistle language called the Bird Language. Look it up. It's different from the south Pacific language MatPat mentioned

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    i'm a time traveler from the year 177175 and in my native language we only have 5 letters, 4 consonants[d,b,g,sh] and 1 vowel, although there are 8 directional variations for the vowel [ on, cat, wet, eat, earth, oops, aught, but ], and 4 optional accent marks [semi vowel, popped, nasal , breathy ]to make the 20 consonant sounds, making 28 total, not including vowel digraphs and trigraphs, and rarely used 4 hardened vowels [h, y, f, w] and artsy curved vowels

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    0:09 They Killed Kenny! You Bastards!

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    Can we see how vision can lift Thor’s hammer?

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    Mat: "I am Groot"
    gasp* how could you say that! rude!!

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    Translation: *I am groot.*

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    I an groot:
    Translation: so, I hate to be that guy, (no I don't) but there's actually one big problem with this theory. When you say Groot has as many words as the human language, you're counting every variation as a word. But when Groot says, "I am Groot" it means phrases, not words. He doesn't say it five times to complete a sentence, only once. So, for Groot to be on the level of english, there would need to be as many variations in those 3 words as there are in putting together our 171476. Not to be a total theory killer though, you didn't count timbre as a separate factor because it is really hard to quantify. But looking at all the different timbres Groot uses, I think that nuance could very well affect the meaning of his words.

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    More lampshading lol

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    I like Rocket better

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    Matpat kind of sounds like and older morty

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    do a theory on the spindle from sleeping beauty and how that works

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    But if you watch your game theory about Rosalina you talk about loving guardians of the galaxy

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    Never watched Ugly Americans have we?! Suck my Balls!

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