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    Thanks for watching. Enjoy!

  • Joshua Quinones
    Joshua Quinones پیش 14 ساعت

    can u subscibe to me

  • Audrina _CallMeAudri
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    why does his name tag say "Randy" ?????

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    ♥️ nice 👍🏻 استمر في الابداع ونتمنى دوماً الترجمه ،، من العراق 🇮🇶

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    1:36 pause

  • Zhaoyang Li
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    This target looks like the flushing one

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    Eu amo um homem!!!!

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    Convol Convol پیش روز

    I like your piano sound
    Now I play tow
    I bay Tequila because you
    You Lele Hannah and and de Mexican chowmpa ? Are the best IRclipr

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    I know that target I think!!

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    I think he is so cute no lie but he probs got a girl and in u.s I’m on London my heart is broken lol x

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    Employees would be 10x better if they sung all of the everythings!!

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    i love this

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    i liked and subcribed

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    Shit the electronics part was legit 😂😂😂 btw he has such a beautiful voice

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    The other ones were better

  • pOisonM3llo
    pOisonM3llo پیش 2 روز It's basically Walmart... without toys??

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    Gachavrese Emy پیش 2 روز

    in the end 🤣🤣🤣 and I love the target market song!

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    0:32 -when someone you don't like or no touches you

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    Furniture really reminds him of his gf’s

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    Faz um vídeo falando em português 🇧🇷

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    Omg I love it so much and your voice amazing i love you so mutch rudy😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😘😍💜💜💜💜🌹🌹🌹💖💖💖

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    this is so cool!

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    spanish was no bueno

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    Does Rudy have a twins

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    Now you call that a master sales person.

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    Hmmmmmm this feels sponsored

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    Rudy mancsuo you are the best you tuber ever and thats a fact

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    Song plz 2:55

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    My fav part is the food section

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    *Sponsered by Target*

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    your awsome

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    I love rudy and his voice is amazing better than lele😁😁

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    Rudy I liked how this time. The person was happier than the other Ones

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    this is really great ! Congratulations

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    That part with food very good

  • Renata Styrkacz
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    Rudy that was amizing you are pro

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    The girl from brazil is Shakira because shes married to Eden Hazard who is a football player from Belgium

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    Yo this is awesome I subscibed

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    Where's the nearest Walmart?

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    Instead of all the singing how about grabbing the poor guy a basket or cart lol

  • MHM Bigarab
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    Why does all the songs have a breaking heart into it

  • garbage bin
    garbage bin پیش 5 روز

    3:22 the way he pronounces R is just so cute to me

  • Summer Fantasy
    Summer Fantasy پیش 5 روز

    His singing has improved A LOT. Just watch some of his old singing videos and then you will know the difference

  • Danya Fradkin
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    This should be an advertisement for target..

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    I love the fact that you are a musician.

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  • Its ya boi Allen
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    He went broke from all the stuff I’m guessing

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    I’m from Australia and I am just wondering if America and other countries sell food at target ! Or was it just coles or Safeway .

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    Hey Rudy i went to target and I didn’t see an employee like this😐🤔🤔

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    2:54 what about the mini pizza place?
    Oh wait I don’t think all targets have a mini place to serve pizza NVM.

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    The effort you put into these videos though 😂

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    Target is like Lotus Casino- time goes by quickly but you feel like it's only been minutes. And best of all, you never want to leave.

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    Omg he commented on my comment

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    For some reason this is asmr for me😹

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    I love this I subscribed hit the bell and liked this video I like the part when he said he was hungry I love your videos so much

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    Hahahahahha good song rudy

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    Beautiful face

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    احلا إعلان مره ممتع وما تمل وأتت تشوف

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    A No Swear Video , Okay

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    Poor target guy chooses the wrong women for him :'(

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    I like the first song

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    My relationship with target resume in one video😆😆

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    Their’s a thing called “Cart”....

    You know that right?

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    You never disappoint

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    The home section🔥😂

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    it is inspiration marketing

  • • Raina Kishun •
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    Lol if only you came out with this 5 weeks ago when I did this project on stores and how they are arranged. I chose target for my topic and got a 100. When you came out with this I literally was like “ommggg!”😂

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    I have the same birthday as you i love you so freaking much and I hope you live the best life you can

    QHXX GLAN پیش 8 روز

    1:25 lol my mom in the background

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    Even though it’s an ad it’s entertaining

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    Omg this is so funny! At 1:54 made me on the floor dying with laughter!

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    Comment down below for which bit you liked the most I liked the food isle more

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    "39.99 great deal." 👍😅

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    Get me a thumbs up if u like target because I do

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    You have enough staff yep Yep Yep no you don’t

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    This should be an ad.

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    Ur hilarious

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    Your total is 1 small loan of a million dollars

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  • Wwefan Numberonefanofwwe
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    Since when does rudy go somewhere musical and is not forced to sing

  • H Carter
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    Do more videos with lele Ponds

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    Note to self: Don't ask him how much decor costs....👍👌❤💛💚💙💜

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    If i never heard rudys. Music i never would have knew what good music 8s💕💕💕💕💕😧😧

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    BARBERS in town .Coming for the Mancuso hairstyle ,Say no more

    SYED SAQIB پیش 10 روز

    Rudy with his weird hairstyle looks like a bacterain camel

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    I love your video

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    I wonder how long it took to switch clothes back and forth bet you its a pain

  • Francesca Rachel
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    Very creative👌🏼

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    U r one of my favourite youtubers

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    Regular IRcliprs: sponsored by multi thousand dollar google or Apple Store apps
    Rudy: sponsered by a multi billion store

  • 15,000 subscribers with no videos

    *sponsored by wallmaaarrttt*

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    So talented 😍