Adults React To Yes Theory: Fooled The Internet w/ Fake Justin Bieber Burrito Photo Prank

  • تاریخ انتشار 2018 8 نوامبر
  • Yes Theory Fake Justin Beiber Photo reacted to by Adults. Original links below.
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    Adults React #104 - Adults React To Justin Bieber Eating A Burrito Like Corn On The Cob
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  • Beachte NICHT mein Profilbild!!
    Beachte NICHT mein Profilbild!! پیش 24 روز +6

    Who watched the Original Video on YesTheory Channel?😂

  • Iridious
    Iridious پیش 24 روز +9

    YESTHEORY SQUAD, where you at?!

  • Conor Castle
    Conor Castle پیش 24 روز +6

    7:05 "That's a genius argument" - why thank you! 😉😂

    • Quick Highlights
      Quick Highlights پیش 24 روز

      Dude you are so funny. I’ve been watching Yes Theory for last 1.5 years. Say hi to them from Turkey!

    • Iridious
      Iridious پیش 24 روز

      Suh bro

  • mynameis jeff
    mynameis jeff پیش 24 روز

    7:20 Bruh😂

  • Boutaina El Khabbaz
    Boutaina El Khabbaz پیش 24 روز +3

    React to @yestheory !!!

  • Jorge Navarro
    Jorge Navarro پیش 24 روز +2

    My dude looks like matthew mcconaughey lol. 0:48

  • Brick InYourFace
    Brick InYourFace پیش 24 روز


  • Kira Corasanti
    Kira Corasanti پیش 24 روز +12

    yesss! YES THEORY . i am so glad that they are getting noticed, they completely deserve it.

  • ItsaGrac
    ItsaGrac پیش 24 روز +51

    I’m so happy Yes Theory is starting to get the recognition they deserve

    I AM SANCHEZ پیش 24 روز +7

    This is the reaction that yes theory wants! LETS GOOOO!

  • Loic Vandenbergh
    Loic Vandenbergh پیش 24 روز +13

    React to yes theory!

  • Video Studio Productions
    Video Studio Productions پیش 24 روز +3

    Burrito Boy

  • Holyfight Xz
    Holyfight Xz پیش 24 روز +12

    "Well yeah i guess because he's Candian"

  • Vibes for days
    Vibes for days پیش 24 روز +6

    Adults react to yes theory

  • Shacrow
    Shacrow پیش 24 روز +61

    You should react to normal Yes Theory videos!!!! They spread positivity and love.
    By showing only this video, it makes them seem like a prank channel hahahah xD

  • Cami Cami
    Cami Cami پیش 24 روز

    He probly does eat it anyways so ya

  • Supriya singh
    Supriya singh پیش 24 روز +16

    Yes theory is everything!!!❤️

  • Isabel Miranda
    Isabel Miranda پیش 24 روز +9


  • Sudipta Mandal
    Sudipta Mandal پیش 24 روز +13

    React to Yes Theory! They're amaaaazingg❤️

  • Tuga Pira18
    Tuga Pira18 پیش 25 روز +13

    weird flex but ok

  • MrKiko002
    MrKiko002 پیش 25 روز +32

    You need to make a full video on reacting to YES Theory !!

  • Jess Pan
    Jess Pan پیش 25 روز +13

    Brandon’s comment saying jb’s Canadian was 👌

  • Leki
    Leki پیش 25 روز +5

    Poor derin 10:00

  • bharat sethi
    bharat sethi پیش 25 روز +21

    1:39 he farted at the most perfect time

    • xylo
      xylo پیش 24 روز


    • Shijou
      Shijou پیش 24 روز

      um lol

  • G_ManPro
    G_ManPro پیش 25 روز +4

    she said meh-he-cono

    • Miguel cedeno
      Miguel cedeno پیش 24 روز

      No mexican says im mehecano

    • Paradox- X
      Paradox- X پیش 25 روز +1

      Plus burritos aren't from Mexico 😂

    • G_ManPro
      G_ManPro پیش 25 روز

      +Doctour Two skull im just pointing it out

    • Doctour Two skull
      Doctour Two skull پیش 25 روز

      G_ManPro what’s your point?

  • DudeTheMusic
    DudeTheMusic پیش 25 روز +15

    Yes theroy🤘🤘 best channel ever!

  • Bibi Gomez
    Bibi Gomez پیش 25 روز +14

    We love Yes Theory 🎉

  • Elephant
    Elephant پیش 25 روز +16

    If you actually cared that Justin ate a burrito no one loves you

    • Doctour Two skull
      Doctour Two skull پیش 24 روز

      Elephant yea but still

    • Anticlimactic Stegosaurus
      Anticlimactic Stegosaurus پیش 24 روز

      Elephant yeah you seem fun at parties

    • SK246
      SK246 پیش 24 روز

      Ikr, I use chopsticks as if their knives :D

    • Elephant
      Elephant پیش 25 روز +1

      Doctour Two skull people are still losers for caring

    • Doctour Two skull
      Doctour Two skull پیش 25 روز

      Elephant no one cares that he ATE a burrito, they care HOW he ate it

  • Gabriela O
    Gabriela O پیش 25 روز +19

    I’m so proud of Yes Theory 😪💖

    • Animal World
      Animal World پیش 25 روز

      They fooled the whole internet! I love it! Honestly, I don’t see how people get so flustered over silly things like how you eat a burrito.

  • TheMeMeS
    TheMeMeS پیش 25 روز +5

    I eat them side ways

    XSPENCERX پیش 25 روز +12

    Yes Theory back at it again...

  • Linda Carrasco
    Linda Carrasco پیش 25 روز +28

    “I’m mexicano”
    It’s “I’m mexicana”

    • Brittney D
      Brittney D پیش 24 روز

      I mean she was just using the general term.

  • Yoo Shin-ae
    Yoo Shin-ae پیش 25 روز +12

    Poor JB 😂 didnt even asked anything

  • Nadim Miller
    Nadim Miller پیش 25 روز +20

    Yes theory we made it

  • Lara Riverleaf
    Lara Riverleaf پیش 25 روز +23

    I already watched yes theory’s video the second it came out.

  • Vrehz
    Vrehz پیش 25 روز +10

    Very originally. Use someone else's video and make people react!

    • MysticBeats
      MysticBeats پیش 25 روز +1

      That's like what this channel is based off of

  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman پیش 25 روز +3

    I wasn't of ended so I am not American
    Btw I just watched yes theory's vid

  • Heyo Jimin.
    Heyo Jimin. پیش 25 روز +1

    Yaass my both fav channels 🖤

  • OfficialMattPowers
    OfficialMattPowers پیش 25 روز +6

    React to yes theory!

  • 10c201010101010 Roblox
    10c201010101010 Roblox پیش 25 روز +1

    I watched the prank vid

  • spooky videos
    spooky videos پیش 25 روز +7

    React to yes theory PLSSS!!♡

  • Andrei Yulienco
    Andrei Yulienco پیش 25 روز +13

    React To Yes Theory!

  • Haed
    Haed پیش 25 روز +18

    Justin Biber reacts to this yes theory video.

  • andy pandy
    andy pandy پیش 25 روز +8

    Up next ABC news: usher eats kit kat's without breaking them first😱

  • Blaike Daugherty
    Blaike Daugherty پیش 25 روز +19

    Yes theory has officially made it

  • odania innocent
    odania innocent پیش 25 روز +3

    Please do teens react to KDA popstar.

  • ControlFreak YT
    ControlFreak YT پیش 25 روز +2

    Myth also ate a burrito like that but it was on purpose 😂😂😂
    " i just wanted to change things up " said myth

  • Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs پیش 25 روز +4

    0:40 *exactly*

  • 》Tilly 《
    》Tilly 《 پیش 25 روز +27

    Plot twist: the picture was real. JB payed them to clear their image.

  • Maddi XD
    Maddi XD پیش 25 روز +8

    I have never eaten a burrito 😂😂

  • Xenophacilus
    Xenophacilus پیش 25 روز +5

    Yeah I am a sucker for headlines
    I once read that Kevin Durant Resigned from warriors....
    Turns out he Re-Signed with warriors

  • jims
    jims پیش 25 روز +26


  • Zoroark | CSGO
    Zoroark | CSGO پیش 25 روز +12

    All I’m saying is I’ve been here for seek discomfort sense day one 😤😤

  • Antonio Alejandro Caro Alvarez
    Antonio Alejandro Caro Alvarez پیش 25 روز +19

    I love Yes Theory

  • The Vlog Hunter
    The Vlog Hunter پیش 25 روز +5

    3:13 when you're listening to music then the justin bieber baby song comes out

  • Zea M-H
    Zea M-H پیش 25 روز +3

    Ach i love yes theory

  • lordofburger
    lordofburger پیش 25 روز +23


  • Later Losers
    Later Losers پیش 26 روز +9

    9:01 you eat coochie like that?? 🧐🤤👀

    • CyKpop
      CyKpop پیش 25 روز

      Your Profile Pic UwU

    • lil fungi
      lil fungi پیش 25 روز


  • Emiliano Peraza (Student)
    Emiliano Peraza (Student) پیش 26 روز +8

    Bruh this girl claiming to be “mexicana” but she doesn’t know burritos were made in the US in Mexico we don’t eat burritos

    • Kimbo M
      Kimbo M پیش 25 روز +1

      Emiliano Peraza (Student) fr tho

  • Twice×5Harmony×CamilaCabello
    Twice×5Harmony×CamilaCabello پیش 26 روز +1

    Eating a burrito like a devil 😂😂

  • Indestructible Potato
    Indestructible Potato پیش 26 روز +11

    I want JB to react to yes theory

  • Canadian Anglo
    Canadian Anglo پیش 26 روز +7

    Yes Theory gang!

  • Cottage Cheese is Lit 7
    Cottage Cheese is Lit 7 پیش 26 روز +13

    yes theory!!!!

  • MHBG//Mr.Hacker bro gaming//Mr.hacker bro//

    I saw the video #yestheroyfam

  • the rock knock-off
    the rock knock-off پیش 26 روز +15

    If you dont eat a burrito with a spoon, you're not human

    • Syahrul Sofea
      Syahrul Sofea پیش 25 روز +1

      Me: *stops everything and went to get a spoon and a burrito*

  • Hannah Ott
    Hannah Ott پیش 26 روز +2

    Yesss I love them!!

  • liam ouziel
    liam ouziel پیش 26 روز +5

    I watched the original vid so many times tho so I knew by the thumbnale what it was

  • liam ouziel
    liam ouziel پیش 26 روز +12

    Broooo #yestheoryfam thooooo lets go fam❤️ #seekdiscomfort

  • Anna Elizabeth
    Anna Elizabeth پیش 26 روز +37

    Came to the comments just to see if YesTheory commented something

  • Joshin Jojo
    Joshin Jojo پیش 26 روز +6

    Yes theory!!!!

  • Mutahar Mutahar
    Mutahar Mutahar پیش 26 روز +27


  • Julia Kuratomi
    Julia Kuratomi پیش 26 روز +16

    I love yes theory, you should react to them or bring them innnnnn

  • Jose Cp
    Jose Cp پیش 26 روز +11

    React to Yes Theory!!

  • iGlitch
    iGlitch پیش 26 روز +12

    “I’m mejicano” well then you should learn spanish it’s “I’m mejicana”

    • Tomahawk
      Tomahawk پیش 26 روز +1

      +Maria Paula Nucamendi Just because you haven"t seen anyone writen with "J" doesn't mean that is wrong..My source is la real academia española and i gotta a degree on lenguas extranjeras soo.. Yeahh😛

    • Baltazar Salas
      Baltazar Salas پیش 26 روز

      Also burritos are more americana than mexican

    • Maria Paula Nucamendi
      Maria Paula Nucamendi پیش 26 روز +1

      +Tomahawk I'm Mexican and I've never seen anyone write it with a J. I don't care what's your source I know it's wrong

    • Tomahawk
      Tomahawk پیش 26 روز +3

      We can write in both forms, with the "x" and with the "j". Both are considered correct. Source: RAE

    • Imaface
      Imaface پیش 26 روز +1

      And you should learn spanish

  • harjyot singh
    harjyot singh پیش 26 روز +17

    React to Yes theory

  • Smsm Sorour
    Smsm Sorour پیش 26 روز +13

    React to yes theory

  • Julia Hagen
    Julia Hagen پیش 26 روز +13

    Please do a reaction video of the yestheory channel! :)
    (opposed to just one video like this heh)

  • Sara Lee
    Sara Lee پیش 26 روز +33

    Yes Theory needs to react to this video

  • Pumpkinator5
    Pumpkinator5 پیش 26 روز +12

    Yes theory

    ECEM CALIK پیش 26 روز +6


  • Zainab Bukhari
    Zainab Bukhari پیش 26 روز +21


  • The # Teen
    The # Teen پیش 26 روز +32

    Been following Yes Theory since they were all living off the same bed😂😂Its exciting to see them finally get noticed, especially after that whole Will Smith Jump Stunt😂😂😂😂😂they deserve the best🙌🏽😂

  • Nomo 4u
    Nomo 4u پیش 26 روز +12

    That Asian girl is fine

  • JustTodd
    JustTodd پیش 26 روز +14

    9:00 does this woman not know that you can eat a burrito without making all this mess ? Disgusting

  • Brilliant Arrow
    Brilliant Arrow پیش 26 روز +9

    I think the most interesting part is staging something, and then making it look convincingly natural

  • yur kub
    yur kub پیش 26 روز +2

    Nothing is true. Yes Theory also does not tell all the truth. dont fully trust what youtubers says on their vid, ppl just want more viewers and subscribers.

  • Love Me Please
    Love Me Please پیش 26 روز +8

    Me afterr the first ten seconds:No thanks

  • Camila Ayam
    Camila Ayam پیش 26 روز +11

    @yestheory ♡

  • God Mode
    God Mode پیش 26 روز +15

    Why everytime i watch these reaction videos the comments are always from hours ago when the video was posted days agl

  • Theodor Gebhardt
    Theodor Gebhardt پیش 27 روز +13

    Yes family!

  • namjoon bts
    namjoon bts پیش 27 روز +4

    react to egyptian music 😔✊✊

  • Grace Kydd
    Grace Kydd پیش 27 روز +37

    The burrito they ate at the end was the saddest looking burrito haha

  • Kylie H
    Kylie H پیش 27 روز +20

    Love yes theory.

  • Ginger Nolasco
    Ginger Nolasco پیش 27 روز +3

    React to The Shed at Dulich !!

  • lano b
    lano b پیش 27 روز +6

    why does it matter ? oh yeah i forgot, murrica!!!

  • nick smith
    nick smith پیش 27 روز +18

    Yes I love yes theory

  • Miranda Anderson
    Miranda Anderson پیش 27 روز +2

    React to teo

  • Chloé-Mathilde Adam-Mac Habee
    Chloé-Mathilde Adam-Mac Habee پیش 27 روز +26

    Yes theory is my favourite IRclip channel😇❤️

  • Hahah Lol
    Hahah Lol پیش 27 روز +3

    React to African music