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  • Angelo Vidallo
    Angelo Vidallo پیش 8 روز

    YEET 1:54

  • Glubz the frog
    Glubz the frog پیش 10 روز

    Isabell looks scary

  • Kimberly Rouse
    Kimberly Rouse پیش 10 روز

    Where is waluigi

  • Tommy Marino
    Tommy Marino پیش 15 روز

    The guy in the tie looks angry. Is everything ok?

  • RobloxKyler Boonlua
    RobloxKyler Boonlua پیش 16 روز

    You make it look like isabelle is so OP

  • RobloxKyler Boonlua
    RobloxKyler Boonlua پیش 16 روز

    Is Ken DLC

    • RW_Thunder
      RW_Thunder پیش 13 روز

      No, he is in the base game.
      Piranha Plant is currently the only announced DLC fighter (free for those that register the game in time).
      There are 5 more DLC fighters that are part of the fighters pass that have yet to be announced.

  • Bowser K. Rool
    Bowser K. Rool پیش 17 روز

    I'll rather watch MKHT's Waluigi mod Gameplay

  • Am Anom
    Am Anom پیش 19 روز

    *love me some Isabelle*

  • Glenn Johnston
    Glenn Johnston پیش 20 روز


  • Klay Depner
    Klay Depner پیش 20 روز

    19:37 Sans confirmed

    and K. Rool's health at 28:22 was 69 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • I sit at a desk all day
    I sit at a desk all day پیش 21 روز

    s i t t h e i r a n d l e t m e g r a b y o u

  • I sit at a desk all day
    I sit at a desk all day پیش 21 روز

    c'mon, h i t m e h a r d e r

  • Aj Stewart
    Aj Stewart پیش 25 روز

    What's next Sylveon

  • Eriq Brown
    Eriq Brown پیش 25 روز

    pause at 16:17

  • randomeuropeanguy
    randomeuropeanguy پیش 25 روز

    King K.Rool as got HUUUUUGE competitive potential, so does isabelle but im way more impressed by King K.Rool

  • NotChopper101
    NotChopper101 پیش 25 روز

    Why aré they playing timed

  • Malan Durant
    Malan Durant پیش 25 روز

    Do the hit sound effects seem different from wiiu?

  • Creeper 0224
    Creeper 0224 پیش 27 روز

    27:54 Squid Sisters Assist Trophy

  • The Woomynater
    The Woomynater پیش 27 روز

    Wait a minute...
    Have a bad time?

  • BlakeDaCodding
    BlakeDaCodding پیش 28 روز

    Why isn't king k rool in the everyone is here thing?

  • Bestcool5
    Bestcool5 پیش ماه

    Why does he doesn’t have a tail

  • Bestcool5
    Bestcool5 پیش ماه

    Nintendo videos: peaceful
    It’s comments: cancer

  • Bestcool5
    Bestcool5 پیش ماه

    Dr.mario sells drugs like why did the pills in his final smash hurt lol

  • Very Old Lady
    Very Old Lady پیش ماه

    Inb4 people ship these two... ewwwwwww

  • I_m S_a_l_t
    I_m S_a_l_t پیش ماه

    I love how they fixed the turnips spike...the amount of radishes isn’t random anymore

  • WYhe'syourboi
    WYhe'syourboi پیش ماه

    Hi kermit time to get back in the cage

  • Tamim Al-suwaidi
    Tamim Al-suwaidi پیش ماه +1

    34:14 someone is getting fired

  • B rye
    B rye پیش ماه +1

    3:56 k

  • PingerSurprise
    PingerSurprise پیش ماه

    Hey I'm coming in to fight you! But wait...

  • Daniel Mazahreh
    Daniel Mazahreh پیش ماه

    K. Rool's final smash was mostly inspired by the Game Over cutscene from Donkey King 64, not DKC2. How did these guys get hired from Nintendo? LOL!

  • Gagandeep Singh
    Gagandeep Singh پیش ماه

    Wait! You can do match with more than 4 players?! NICE!

  • Negan
    Negan پیش ماه

    so smash bros wii u was a prototype for smash ultimate?

  • joshua Paterson
    joshua Paterson پیش ماه

    This is cool but Nintendo had to make it not good because Nintendo online base make it 28 dollors a year to play online 😡😡😡😡😡

    • Snowhue
      Snowhue پیش ماه

      20* also that's not bad.

  • Melody The Meloetta
    Melody The Meloetta پیش ماه +1

    19:58 **notices Zelda shirt** “I NEED THAT SHIRT IN MY LIIIIIFFFFFFEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!”

  • doge men
    doge men پیش ماه

    Mor yosh

  • Jose Agustin Garcia
    Jose Agustin Garcia پیش ماه

    Y la n64 mini pa cuando?.

  • Justin Lee
    Justin Lee پیش ماه

    If Charlie Brown Isn't at least DLC, I'm not buying this game.

  • Sophisticated Goat
    Sophisticated Goat پیش ماه

    I watched this live, but due to a lack of available Smash gameplay, I'll just watch it again.

  • Shadow Vaporeon
    Shadow Vaporeon پیش ماه

    Robo Bill

  • MrShoeShine7
    MrShoeShine7 پیش ماه


  • 4 Diamond BOI
    4 Diamond BOI پیش ماه

    Why Isabelle why couldn't u do waligui

    • Snowhue
      Snowhue پیش ماه +1

      Waluigis a bad idea, that's why.

  • Angelo
    Angelo پیش ماه

    Yo did I just witness a short hop float?

  • MsUsagi513
    MsUsagi513 پیش ماه

    A black...villager?!?!!?!?!??!

  • Cesar Alvarado
    Cesar Alvarado پیش ماه

    Where is goku!!!!?????

  • I
    I پیش ماه

    Rocking them Jays lmfaoo

  • Herokid_Playz
    Herokid_Playz پیش ماه

    I will now be maining Isabelle king k rool Ridley and simon

  • Andre Garcia
    Andre Garcia پیش ماه

    King k. Rool final is from Donkey Kong 64 not Donkey Kong country 2.

  • Héctor Tafoya
    Héctor Tafoya پیش ماه

    A yoshi echo fighter being hammer bro would be cool.

    • Héctor Tafoya
      Héctor Tafoya پیش ماه

      +Snowhue Why not? They have a similar build, instead of throwing egg it would throw the hammer, egg roll can be shell roll or use other characters' moveset: boomerang, fireball. It could be a new character, but the idea is that moves are already there and would be a nice addition.

    • Snowhue
      Snowhue پیش ماه +1

      How would a hammer bro be a echo fighter of yoshi at all?

  • cyril gangoso
    cyril gangoso پیش ماه

    So what's racist about this game????

  • Angelo Vidallo
    Angelo Vidallo پیش ماه

    that final smash was so clean at 9:40

  • Gurty
    Gurty پیش ماه

    7:30 gourmet race (melee)??

  • TSH
    TSH پیش ماه

    31:50 try not to wah

  • TSH
    TSH پیش ماه

    looks like they heavily nerfed diddys recovery

  • PanzerGum
    PanzerGum پیش ماه

    Those microphones says a lot about Nintendo.

  • Diamond Dog
    Diamond Dog پیش ماه

    So, you add a freaking plant, but we still can't get our Waluigi?
    That's it, I'm boycotting Nintendo. Wah.

  • TerminalMontage [Jeremey]
    TerminalMontage [Jeremey] پیش ماه +2

    geno is dlc right

  • pika
    pika پیش ماه

    Am I the the only one that noticed that King K. Rool's up smash has a meteor you can hear it around 21:57

  • Medachod
    Medachod پیش ماه

    31:35 I will miss you, reference to Fire Attack. If I want to see you again, I best import Ultimate and set it to English. Or I can just mod the animation back into the game. It's a real shame that mere frames had to get removed due to NPCs.

  • Djino Gunzeln
    Djino Gunzeln پیش ماه

    Consistency on Isabelle's turnips? Aight

  • Ty Rannosaurus
    Ty Rannosaurus پیش ماه

    Wait what is this, her dair doesnt need a certain amount of Turnips to spike, nani

  • Dylan Mitchell
    Dylan Mitchell پیش ماه

    19:37 SANS IS IN SMASH GUYS!!!

  • porky for smash ultimate
    porky for smash ultimate پیش ماه +1


  • Yoshi Kawaii
    Yoshi Kawaii پیش ماه

    I'm glad that Pichu and Young Link kept their voices from Melee :3

  • Disgusted Dedede
    Disgusted Dedede پیش ماه +1

    f r o m d o n k e y k o n g c o u n t r y 2 i b e l i e v e

  • GhostTiger 38
    GhostTiger 38 پیش ماه

    You should have the camera with the people in the top left corner instead of where it blocks the view of people's damage levels

  • emma4331 emma4331
    emma4331 emma4331 پیش ماه


  • TomLegend101
    TomLegend101 پیش ماه

    Squid Sisters at 27:55 ;)

  • Sosa zr
    Sosa zr پیش ماه

    34:14 excuse me?....... Oh NVM XD

  • Garrett Quinn
    Garrett Quinn پیش ماه

    At 28:07 when Demetrius got killed the low time left sound played and the music sped up. That detail though!

  • Jacobi1817218
    Jacobi1817218 پیش ماه

    When is Greninja getting his gameplay? He's been my main every since he came out in super smash Bros Wii U

  • SFMExtraordinare
    SFMExtraordinare پیش ماه

    31:56 Keep your eyes on Waluigi

  • JohnQ0610
    JohnQ0610 پیش ماه

    You want some of that Chrom action😉

  • Floofie kun
    Floofie kun پیش ماه +1

    I wish this was out already. I want it so bad.

  • DrumKilla565
    DrumKilla565 پیش ماه +1

    Isabelle is such a badass!!!

  • Nathan L
    Nathan L پیش ماه +1

    Only Nintendo employees would react to dying by saying “jerkface”.

  • the last mechakoopa
    the last mechakoopa پیش ماه +1

    Can there be the rider from monster hunter stories with a final smash of the ending in the game, wiggler with a final smash of him growing bigger and getting angry, or boom boom with a final smash of big ol' fist.
    I love these people as much as mechakoopa.

  • JonDoesGaming
    JonDoesGaming پیش ماه +1

    Man I love yoshi's new final smash

  • 0 vids can I get subs Thanks

    Where’s Kirby huh no excuses

  • michaelmore 999
    michaelmore 999 پیش ماه

    Ru kidding Samus’ dunk it a liberal dunk it’s the best in the game

  • Match Stick
    Match Stick پیش ماه

    I wonder why they won't show the stage selection...

    • emma4331 emma4331
      emma4331 emma4331 پیش ماه +1

      they said you would choose the Stage first and then you would choose your fighter

  • ErikMorelos
    ErikMorelos پیش ماه

    Isabelle is an eco character of the villager?

  • Ayomikun Odidi
    Ayomikun Odidi پیش ماه

    23:10 the johns are real in this one

  • Breadboi
    Breadboi پیش ماه

    Friendly reminder that g&ws fair is a bomb and not a credit card thingy anymore

  • Kash Sookan
    Kash Sookan پیش ماه

    13:50 king k rool gameplay

  • David Newbon
    David Newbon پیش ماه

    There will be 80 characters with pihrana plant and the 5 dlcs

    • emma4331 emma4331
      emma4331 emma4331 پیش ماه

      I was surprised piranha plant was DLC
      I was expecting someone like...
      I don't know can someone please give me ideas?

  • CremeCheeseBagel
    CremeCheeseBagel پیش ماه

    I love that they adjusted the combat speed so you're floating around for less time. When someone is killed by a Final Smash or powerful Smash attack, they're GONE.

  • AJs Videos
    AJs Videos پیش ماه


  • Laddie Porter
    Laddie Porter پیش ماه

    I got kinda triggered when the guy at 17:41 said the Blast-O-Matic was from Donkey Kong Country 2.
    64. It was from Donkey Kong 64!!! 👎

    RARA BRYANT پیش ماه +1

    Daisy is beyond op tbh

  • Eli Roberts
    Eli Roberts پیش ماه

    Why are all of them in order EXCEPT the miis?

  • BlueCreeperBoy BCB
    BlueCreeperBoy BCB پیش ماه

    Can you play the game with just one joy con?

  • Eoin Doyle
    Eoin Doyle پیش ماه

    I don't think the final smash meter will be used in competitive games, though the thought behind it is a good sign Nintendo is thinking more seriously about what the game needs for tournaments to be run. Some of the final smashes just aren't compatible with a spectator-focused or player-focused tournament game. A Daisy final smash looks like the most anticlimactic way to end a normally exciting last-stock-last-hit scenario, for example.

  • Eoin Doyle
    Eoin Doyle پیش ماه

    I really like how they showed they can make a great semi-clone from scratch with isabelle. I had my doubts but she really does look just similar enough to villager to be familiar but bringing in huge style differences.

    I'm also really glad they got some experienced players. Talking about edgeguarding tactics in meaningful terms of option coverage is such a breath compared to "K.Rool stands still for 5+ seconds in FFA and get warlock punched".

    • Sonia Naisser
      Sonia Naisser پیش ماه

      For a character to be a Clone he has to have all attacks from another Character,and Isabelle only has one,so she a Semi Clone.

  • Matthew Raley
    Matthew Raley پیش ماه


  • Incredible X
    Incredible X پیش ماه

    The hype is real

  • SSGoku 71
    SSGoku 71 پیش ماه

    So we can get the final smash at 84 percent ok

  • SSGoku 71
    SSGoku 71 پیش ماه

    When we get fighters in this game will it be like all the other games to do a lot of fights

  • The Jam Man
    The Jam Man پیش ماه

    Oh no. I’m gonna get humiliated.