Roblox: SLIDING DOWN 9,999,999,999 FEET!!!


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    pat has big boobs

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    Ur beards weird *mgk

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    Wow you do love roblox i love roblox too

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    I just get 5 Likes😢😢

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    Wheres my comment??

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    So then i'll like your comment

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    Thank u for the Likes!!!!!!!!!!!

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    "Like " if u find tye diffrence

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    There is a secret slide bte

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    Play wizard Tycoon

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    i love you jen not pat

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    Hats the game called

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    I almost peed my pants watching this!!

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    What is that world called

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    Does anyone know what they s game is called on ROBLOX

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    Plz tell me what this is called in roblox so i can play it

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    Wow i will NEVER do that because i wil lag out

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    Maybe the guy on the mountain is the guy who fell off the side of the walkway

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    There's is food there pat just press the wrong word

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    Hi jen,I love you and Pat's videos so guys alway make me smile.

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    What game is it

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    Do jousting

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    i love wen u scream jen its so funny lol

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    No I’m her biggest fan sorry Pat

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    I love hights

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    This is the best video you have done 🤗😃

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    that was the first game i played in roblox

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    I love Gamingwithgen lol i love GamingwithPat lol i love you all love Maziah

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    What is that game on roblox called

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    Your so funny

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    Pat i saw a copycat of you!

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    Pat: there a VIP area
    Pat:re you following me?

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    "R ya reddy gurlfrend?!" - Pat, 2018

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    what is the game called

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    How did to get up der

    • Shiraz Ismail
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      .lll’ng.(nine of them was the second in a yrty was a long

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    Do you have a dog or a cat I have a dog love you guys pat and jen

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    I love you

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    hey? what is the game called i really like this game like and comment below plz

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    You guys are so cool

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    De you self

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    That they have:
    12 slides
    3 tights
    19 big slides
    Cooles the blue tiny cool slide
    2 times to go & 3 times to go

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    Do more pls

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    I got up there

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    Oh my God that is so embarrassing very embarrassing like very very embarrassing

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    5,653rd comment

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    Not trying to be mean but you two are roblox noobs I wish I was there to guide you

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    play more minecraft

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    This is my favorite video yet

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    Is pat wearing a girl swimming suit

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    What does the game call

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    0:31 greatest showmen explained, the bearded lady

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    the intro looks like somebody is pushing you at the first loll

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    Also people have been there before like me and others

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    It’s not the only way

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    Lol even tho I wasn’t there while I was watching I also felt like I was on the slides 🤯

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    Which game on roblox is this called? PS I love you guys nvm thank you 🙏🏼 I found it

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    what is the parks name

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    What game is that

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    U know u take to long for saying at the start of the vid literally

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    I laughed so hard while watching this 😹

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  • Amelia Dumais
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    Your so awesome

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    I am your biggest fan I love you Jen

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    Love all your vids!

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    This is Bobby 🦔 every like Bobby grows a year older

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    that is illegal

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    I spat my drink when pat dressed up in a bikini 😂

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    Tape Jen on the wall

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    *sees how fast the slides go*


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    What game is that

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    Stop sceeming Jen

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    Guys i want a boyfriend like pat, he joins "girl games" and goes along with jen and her girlyness, and there relate-ship is so funny i love you guys

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    Stay safe

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    Where is this map

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    What’s the name of this game

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    The ride I wanted you you go on you didn't

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    Pat and jen is so funny

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    14:05 when your freind scares the heck outta you

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    You should really go to mermaid land.

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    stop jumping

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    U know pat say in 8:12 he say clouds and maybe he loves cloud in a year🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈

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    What is the name of the game btw I love you guys so much!!!😍

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    I knew that there was a secret island

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    You did not say what the game is called

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    jen is the best

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    what us the name of that water slides

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    What is this game called

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    Pat yo warein a bicny #lol

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    You guys are the best IRcliprs ever. Give them a like